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You are Eli , a solitary electron in our universe.

As predicted by humans a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away the universe is coming to an end in the big freeze. More and more stars and entire galaxies are turning into black holes consuming everything in their way. Eventually these black holes also consume each other, forming a universe consisting only of super black holes.

The black holes slowly evaporate by emitting Hawking radiation, leaving a universe consisting of nothing but a cold dark void. The big freeze is happening right now.

It is up to you, Eli, to rescue the elementary particles and the elements from our universe. You have to take them through rifts in space time to a safe parallel universe, preserving them from extinction. Journeying through the game you will rescue your friends Pomi, the proton, and Noemi, the neutron, thereafter you can chose to play as these characters as well.

Your adventure will take you through the amazing world of physics and if you feel like it, you can learn a lot on the way while having fun.


Screen shots from pre-alpha version:


screenshot prototype 7

screenshot prototype4

About the game

Atomic Journey (working title) is a game for mobile devices and the Switch, about elementary physics and the fate of our universe.

The player needs to combine elementary particles and utilize their characteristics to successfully navigate through procedurally generated challenges where knowledge in physics is combined with slingshot golfing.