Marvatten – Wasteland Warships

A physics based tactical action game in early development for Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Build your own ships, customize your weapons and take your ships to the high seas and battle enemy forces. Sail, trade, explore, collect resources and expand your influence as you complete missions.

CO-OP online PVE with friendly fire.

Share your creations and battle the creations of other players (AI controlled) or bribe them to join forces with you.

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Sneak peak from development

Game in development, placeholder assets.

The world has been tormented by a hundred year long war leaving all countries devastated. 

As a result of the massive amount of thermonuclear detonations all the ice has melted and the oceans now cover most of what previously was land leaving only small islands scattered around the world.

Most of the technology and science has been lost among those few survivors who are now forced to scavenge the islands for spare parts and resources. You would think the long war would be deterring any further aggressions, but no, humankind is still hellbent on fighting each other.

As a result of the loss of technology and science the few survivors are building sea weasels with whatever parts and weapons they are able to find, resulting in the most bizarre creations, mixing 16th century sailboat technology with 19th century ironclads and 20th century weapons and so on.

Nature has taken back its grip on the small remaining islands as the humans are no longer there giving them a green lush contrast to the rusty and shady boats roaming the oceans in search of loot.


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